I’m Going Gaga Over as well dealt with born This method foundation

as well dealt with born This method foundation ($39)

Would woman Gaga wear as well dealt with born This method Foundation, as well as if she would, would she belt out the chorus to born This method while she used it?

I’d like to believe she would since I completely DO THAT, as well as then Gaga as well as I might do a duet together, as well as Tabs might be our backup dancer, as well as the whole thing would be incredible to the Nth degree…


You understand you can see it happening.

There’s great deal of great things to sing/say about this newest liquid foundation from as well Faced, which I’ve been using off as well as on now for about a week. Its medium-to-full protection demi-matte surface delightfully diffuses pores while disguising imperfections, as well as the lightweight formula looks practically undetectable on the skin.

It’s perhaps not rather as inconspicuous as well as skin-like as Dior Nudeskin Air Serum, however it’s quite darned fantastic thinking about the opacity of the coverage. It’s not uncommon for medium-to-full protection liquid foundations to look quite obvious, however this doesn’t, depending upon exactly how I apply it.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

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And I’ve tried a lot of different methods. It seems to work finest for me as well as look the most seamless when I utilize extremely bit (literally, like a little decrease or two at a time), pat it on with my fingers as well as develop it up slowly in layers.

Applied any type of other method — with brushes, a BeautyBlender, etc. — it looks heavier, thicker as well as much more obvious.

So that’s one thing. I wouldn’t phone call it a catch, however still…

Before (not using any type of foundation)…
After applying as well dealt with born This method foundation in Honey

And now using as well dealt with born This method in Honey together with a full deal with of makeup

If it’s hella hot best now where you online as well as you’re concerned about your foundation moving off your deal with halfway with the day, FYI, this foundation lasts like a mofo. I used Honey (the shade I wear) over a couple of incredibly hot days here, as well as it stayed put eight to nine hours. It likewise didn’t highlight any type of dry spots, kept my oily areas under total manage as well as didn’t oxidize as the days used on.

There are currently 12 shades available, as well as many of them are best around pale to medium, so yeah, there’s not a great deal of action among the deeper tones, however there ought to be this fall, since as well dealt with plans to add four darker shades then (along with two much more of the lighter ones).

From the left: Porcelain, Ivory, Vanilla as well as Nude
From the left: warm Nude, Light Beige, natural beige as well as warm Beige
From the left: Sand, Golden, Honey as well as Caramel
This foundation makes me want to break into song! I like the method it feels as well as looks, exactly how it covers whatever (even makes my pores look smaller) as well as lasts a long while. The most significant drawbacks? — that it depends upon exactly how I apply it and, for now, doesn’t include numerous shades for darker damsels (but that will ideally modification this fall).


If you’re searching for a new medium-to-full protection liquid foundation, I believe it’s well worth a try.

Too dealt with born This method Shades

12 currently offered born This method shades
Porcelain, fair with neutral-to-pink undertones
Ivory, fair with neutral-to-golden undertones
Vanilla, fair/light with neutral-to-pink undertones
Nude, light with neutral-to-pink undertones
Warm Nude, light with neutral-to-golden undertones
Light Beige, light/medium with neutral-to-golden undertones
Natural Beige, medium with neutral undertones
Warm Beige, medium with neutral-to-golden undertones
Sand, medium/tan with neutral-to-golden undertones
Golden, tan with neutral-to-pink undertones
Honey, tan with neutral-to-golden undertones
Caramel, deep tan with neutral-to-golden undertones

6 born This method shades showing up in autumn 2015
Snow, extremely fair with neutral to pink undertones
Pearl, extremely fair with neutral-to-golden undertones
Mocha, deep tan with neutral-to-pink undertones
Maple, dark with neutral-to-pink undertones
Chestnut, dark with neutral-to-golden undertones
Mahogany, deep with neutral-to-pink undertones

PRICE: $39 for a 1-oz. bottle with a pump
AVAILABILITY: Permanent, as well as offered now on the internet as well as at as well dealt with counters, Ulta as well as Sephora
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A- (Lovely, long-lasting coverage, however it depends upon exactly how it’s applied)

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