Saturday Surfing: August 5th, 2017

pool time!
Good morning, glory! How’s it going this morning? I’m quite ecstatic ideal now since 1. it’s Saturday, which indicates that El Hub doesn’t have to go to work, so we can spend a lot more time together, the whole family, as well as 2. since I’m going to a new beauty parlor today.

Well…I’m going to a new salon, however I’ll be seeing my exact same long-lasting hair tamer/friend, Alis. She moved from Fox + stone beauty parlor in Corte Madera to a new location up the street from there called Plum.


I can’t wait to see her new space, as well as I’m stoked since my roots are a hot mess ideal now.

Seriously, say thanks to goodness for Rita Hazan…

Plum is likewise better to this pizza joint I like that offers de-lish thin-crust slices, so Mr. Cheese Pizza With Pepperoni as well as Olives, right here I COME! ?


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

In other news, I just realized that Halloween is 12 weeks away, which is kinda freaking me out since that indicates that Christmas is ideal around the corner.

OK…maybe not ideal around the corner, however you understand what I mean. It’s sneaking up fast.

I like the holidays, however I long for the days when they were easy, as well as all I had to do was show up as well as O.D. on mashed potatoes as well as gravy as well as then autumn asleep on the couch.

Alright, I’m getting ahead of myself… It’s still summer, I know. great day to go to the pool.

Speaking of that, does any individual else get ecstatic about utilizing sunscreen?? have you tried Neutrogena Pure & complimentary infant Sunscreen? I got it before our trip to Hawaii in June on the suggestion of a good friend who has a child around Connor’s age, however El Hub as well as I liked it so much that we started utilizing it on ourselves!

They likewise have a wet Skin spray version, which I’m believing will be great for today. I vaguely keep in mind utilizing it when before, however I can’t keep in mind if I liked it.

I don’t normally begin with spray sunscreens, however I like to utilize them to touch up between applying lotion sunscreens… If that makes any type of sense.

If you’re headed to the pool or the beach this weekend, have fun! If you’re in the mood for a lot more reading before you go, right here are some appeal (and non-beauty) stories that caught my eye this week…

Kiehl’s is now offered at Sephora!

Something I’ve always wondered: exactly how the heck do goths manage summer?

I spent SO lots of hours playing incredibly Mario Bros. when I was a kid, so the Shu Uemura x incredibly Mario holiday Collection is making me SQUEEEEEE!

Can brands like MAC as well as NARS insurance claim that they don’t test on animals if they offer their products in countries that need animal testing for appeal products?

At a press conference, actress as well as L’Oréal brand Ambassador Helen Mirren admits that their moisturizer “probably does f— all.”

Princess remarkable offers adorable girls’ clothes with unconventional prints that promote math, science as well as area exploration, which is SO COOL! I’m gonna get the Coywolf a Rockets Dress, which just may be her very first official uniform in her quest to reach Mars.
(BTW, Princess remarkable likewise makes accessories for adults, too.)

How to travel for a month with only carry-on luggage (and still look cute!)

What does $1,200 in lease get you in these 10 U.S. cities?

I checked out a great deal about bacteria this week (long story), as well as this video on cellphones was both interesting as well as gross.

The 19 finest foods for health and wellness as well as happiness

Medical care is commonly disjointed or tough to gain access to for post-partum mothers, as well as the infant is the focus of attention.

Someone developed a hammock for boobs.

The wonderful Valley High series was my fave in my tween years, as well as it’s getting a motion picture adaptation.

If you’re trying to find a new gig, NASA is hiring somebody to protect earth from aliens…and it pays a 6-figure salary, so MOAR money for makeup, obvs.

And just in situation you missed it, the MAC women collection introduced this week! I feel like Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, as well as fashion Fanatic provide the products (but I’m not as well crazy about Power Hungry).
Also, the summertime of Skincare is in full swing. this week I took a look at probiotics in skincare products as well as the Tula line, in addition to 5 bodacious botanicals from area NK.

And if you’re going to any type of appeal conferences soon, right here are three methods to make the most of them.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for these three up-and-coming appeal brands.

Try to get some rest this weekend if you can. (I know, much easier stated than done.) I’m partially stating that to likewise remind myself, since downtime is needed for mental health. It truly is. So chill for a second, OK? It’s imporтант.


Хороших выходных.

Ваш дружелюбный общинный привлекательный наркоман,


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